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Dvd slot on macbook

In Disk Utilitys Sources list select the disc.
It works like this: To begin, your two Macs must be on the same local network.
On another another Mac with an optical drive, first make a new folder somewhere to casino de pau poker store your files from the disc and then copy the files into that folder.You can purchase movies you dont already own from the iTunes Store or stream movies from Netflix if you have a streaming subscription.So you have to resort to one of the following means to get your programs installed.But since it is unlikely you will be using this drive a lot, something inexpensive like this will work fine.Open System Preferences from the Apple Menu.In such a situation you can use the power of DVD or CD Sharing if you want to install software (other than the Mac OS) or copy files from a disc.Check the box next.Unless youre concerned about others on the network accessing discs in your Macs media drive, leave this option.He writes: I just purchased a MacBook Air and really like it, but I still need to occasionally use DVDs for installing software and watching movies.

What options do I have?
Best Answer: well if you are talking about the new macbook pro for the 2015 year, the answer is no, however wot bonus code giveaway older ones did feature this, it would be a black slot on the side of the computer where you simply slide the disc.
On your MacBook Air, within the Remote Disc window, double-click on the name of the Mac that has the media drive.
If you dont want to share over a network and dont want to pay for an external drive, one solution could be to just make an image of the optical disc you wish to access on the MacBook Air.The easiest option is to simply purchase an external USB DVD drive.Find game slot machine youtube video a good online backup solution like.It connects via single USB port and gets its power via the same cable it connects with.Buying directly can sometimes cost more, but could be worth a few more dollars for the convenience of having a download to deal with.