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Poke fun at idiom

Put one's money where one's mouth is - to stop always saying that you will do something but to actually do it The man always talks about helping other people but he never does anything.
Put down (someone) or put (someone) down - to criticize someone, to make someone feel bad The boy is always putting down his girlfriend in front of his friends.
Pleased as punch - to be video vincite slot sphinx very pleased with oneself I was pleased as punch when I learned about the money that I had won.
Pull rank on (someone) - to assert ones superior position or authority on someone of lower rank in order to get a privilege or favor The navy officer pulled rank on the other officers and could stay in the best room in the hotel.The elephant in the room - an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about, an important topic that people are aware of but which they do not want to talk about Nobody at the meeting wanted to talk about.Pass away - to die The man's father passed away when he was 96 years old.We were able to pack a lot in during our holiday.

Penny pincher - a person who is very careful with his or her money - even very small amounts like a single penny The man is a penny pincher and will never spend any money.
Horse around - to play around (in a rough way) The teacher told the children not to horse around while they were getting ready for class.
Pay through the nose (for something) - to pay a lot of money for something My uncle always pays through the nose when he buys a new car.
THE idiom connection, p Idioms, idiom Of The Day pace oneself - to adjust one's speed so that you do not become too tired.Pull (some) strings - to secretly use influence and power Our boss was able to pull some strings and get his son a job for the summer.Plug a product - to promote a product The soccer star makes a lot of money when he agrees to plug a product.Plow into (something) - to attack or eat or do something vigorously We plowed into the food as soon as the waiter brought it to our table.As gruff as a bear - gruff, unsociable, our neighbor is as gruff as a bear when we meet him in the morning.Psyched out - to be confused and disoriented The young man was totally psyched out when the robber entered his apartment.We finally fired the new accounting clerk.Paint oneself into a corner - to get into a bad situation that is difficult or impossible to get out.Put in time - to spend time doing something The man put in much time fixing up his house and now it looks very beautiful.Put across (something) or put (something) across - to make oneself understood, to communicate something The speaker spends much effort trying to clearly put across what he wants to say.